During her TJW fellowship year, Kava spent a lot of time on Google Maps, Skate Maps, city and metro maps… Naturally, this nurtured a deep sense of appreciation and interest in geography, and urban social geography in particular. In honour of her growing love for maps, Kava compiled a series of different maps to share with you all.

With this series of maps, Kava’s goals were to:

  • Map the global women’s skateboarding landscape as she personally experienced it between July 2017 and August 2018.
  • Draw inspiration from and combine elements of platforms such as Girl Skate Network and Skate Maps into one new blog-style site.
  • Promote “Skate Into The Sun” as a resource for individuals who are curious about the more politically active and socially engaged aspects of skateboarding.

Below is my primary Skate Into The Sun map, which visually chronicles my Watson year and forms the basis of the collaborative maps I am developing in the future. This map includes skate parks and spots, but it also includes bookstores, bars, and spaces that are significant to my Watson journey, related to skateboarding and/or promoting unity, positivity, and community engagement through skateboarding (in some cases BMX and surfing).

Feel free to comment if you’d like to add something to this map!

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