Skate into the Sun: A Global Exploration of Women's Skateboarding Movements

Skate into the Sun is an exploration of how women are personally and politically empowered by their participation in skateboarding communities. More broadly, it is an investigation into how individuals use skateboarding to promote positive paradigm shifts in their communities.

This project is the brainchild of Kava Garcia Vasquez, whose passion for skateboarding as a tool for activism and community engagement inspired her to design a 12-month long research project that, between August 2017 and August 2018, led her to Sweden, South Africa, India,and Mexico (among other countries). In each country, Kava connected with organizations, brands, collectives, and individuals who use skateboarding as a vehicle to drive positive social change. She employed various methodologies, including ethnographic interviewing and collaborative multimedia projects, in order to learn more about how skateboarding has positively contributed to the lives of millions of people – with a focus on women – around the globe.

This website,, was born out of Kava’s desire to consolidate the lessons she’s learned from skateboarding across four continent into a single blog. This platform also seeks to make itself a resource where people can learn about skateboarding communities around the world, combining elements of other platforms such as Girl Skate Network and Skate Maps. Content includes a personal blog detailing Kava’s Watson chronicles, interviews of people she has met throughout her journey, and a series of collaborative maps intended to provide people with a visual representation of all of the skateboarding for social good projects taking place around the globe. Be sure to check out Kava’s visual, collaborative map (in progress!) of the global women’s skateboarding landscape.

Keep in mind that Skate Into The Sun is not about who can tre flip a 20 set (though big ups to those of you who can!) Though skateboarding’s marriage of art and physics is most evident in the tricks, Kava seeks to contribute to the skateboarding community by drawing connections between skateboarding and seemingly unrelated fields such as human geography and metaphysics. Skate Into The Sun shines light onto the overlooked and underground aspects of skateboarding while encouraging skateboarders and non-skateboarders alike to explore who they are beyond the confines of the static nouns we tend to box ourselves in.

Kava’s hope is that her concept – producing visual maps of progressive skateboarding communities worldwide – continues growing through community participation and that Skate Into The Sun can become a resource for and an inspiration to all.

Do you want to learn more about skateboarding nonprofits? What about DIY skateparks and builds? Are you interested in LGBTQ+ skateboarding movements? Or do you just want to find parks?

Come! Skate into the sun with me…

Let’s build this, together.


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